How a Chennai based $2 Billion SaaS company transformed its Networking Infrastructure

This SaaS company planned to expand and setup new DC’s across America, Europe & India. It wanted to connect 15k+ servers in different data centers.

This is a multi-billion dollar SaaS company with its headquarters in Chennai, India. In order to support the surge in the number of users, the company was expanding its footprint across the globe and was setting up Data Centers across Europe, Americas and APAC regions. They needed to network all these Data Centers that spanned across different countries.

The Challenges

  • There were 15 thousand + servers in multiple DCs
  • The servers were varied in nature, some even had an in-house custom built Operating Systems
  • Need for extreme customization capability and programmability

Our Solution

Any solution we put forth had to be highly reliable and must cause no/limited downtime. We had to ensure the solution is highly secure and mobile for their next-gen users. We also had to accommodate the solution to have both wired and wireless capabilities to help them with their warehouse automation infrastructure.

Our solution involved HP’s 8400 Aruba OS-CX Core Switches for the networking systems of the Data Centers. When we finished the project in 2018, this was (and currently is) the World’s largest deployment of this technology. As a result, the client achieved 27% savings on power because of reduced cooling and 35% savings on rackspace due to reduced footprint.

Skylark understands how to handle scale and helped us have a very customizable, robust Networking Solution
- Kaushik
(VP, Technology)

The Results

World’s largest 8400 Aruba OS-CX Core Switch reference

27% savings on Power because of reduced cooling

35% savings on Rack-space due to reduced foot-print

Supports 2x the number of their existing servers

We don’t disclose the company names publicly for the security of companies’ systems.

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