Cloud Security

Skylark has proven expertise in configuring and hosting workloads according to varied business requirements. Our certified cloud experts can assess your application landscape and recommend the best cloud solution for ensuring secured workload hosting Providing the cloud infrastructure holds the responsibility of CSPs, but ensuring the deployment of security measures and postulates depends on the user.
Here, Skylark provides the frequent security check and monitor the compliance as per client security standards
Vector image showing Data Identity Management

As part of our secured workload hosting services, we provide:

  • Mapping the application or the workload to the best possible hosting solution
  • Hosting the application to ensure the best performance
  • Configuring the workload to ensure that it meets the required Quality of Service (QoS) parameters
  • Securing workloads in cloud infrastructure using micro-segmentation or bare metal hypervisor
  • Proactive monitoring of workload behavior which helps in detecting intrusions
  • Consolidating and monitoring logs to understand key issues related to workloads in different environments
  • Threat intelligence to ensure proactive protection against all known and unknown threats

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