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Skylark is a Platinum Partner for a number of OEMs. Depending on the specific needs, we have different types of servers that cater to different requirements. These include servers that have a modular architecture and can scale up to match the demanding needs of enterprises. Servers are built to meet future growth needs with advanced memory resiliency, firmware-first approach and self-healing features.
Backup and Storage

Some standard workloads or use case scenarios supported include:

  • Servers that are built for businesses ready to run on-premises and hybrid cloud applications
  • Servers that are tailored and customized for SAP HANA deployments
  • Servers that are built for edge data centers or for distributed environments
  • Servers that are built for your branch office or data center server infrastructure within a constrained budget
  • Servers for SMBs that simplify management, reduce costs, and improve reliability and performance
  • Hyper-converged servers that dramatically simplify IT by combining infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads on a single device

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