Endpoint and Email Security

Like the name denotes, Endpoint security solutions are meant to secure an endpoint by monitoring systems, detecting threats and mitigating it by removing it. End points can be in the form of computers or laptops or mobile devices that connect to a network. Endpoint security solutions ensure that all devices comply with an organization’s security policies. Skylark has forged a number of partnerships with established OEMs, and offers clients one of the most comprehensive portfolio of end point solutions
Endpoint and Email Security

Our endpoint security solutions portfolio helps our clients gain the following capabilities:

  • Proactive monitoring of malware on all endpoints
  • Early detection helps in blocking and fixing weak points or vulnerabilities
  • Ability to whitelist trusted behavior
  • High accuracy and lesser number of false positives
  • Minimal impact on end user experience
  • Ability to leverage the latest emerging technologies such as AI and behavioral analysis to stop attacks

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